Essential Tips to Managing a Warehouse Effectively

For a manufacturing organization to operate seamlessly, without any unexpected breakdowns or halts, an effective warehousing function is a must. The receiving, organizing and issuing of inventory must be carried out with a high level of efficiency by cleverly integrating the labour, machines and systems of the establishment to attain the intended level of productivity. Handling the operations within such a bustling edifice can be a very challenging task for a manager, and the only way to achieve success is by figuring out the best practices that will increase the overall efficiency. Here are four such pointers that will help you in managing your warehouse in the best way possible.

Lean Management

The priority here should be to carry out the operations at the lowest possible cost, without compromising on quality. The first step is to set up an adequate budget and stick to it as much as possible. It is imperative that you take every probable cost factor into consideration so that nothing will sneak up behind you during the course of operations. Training workers, enhancing infrastructural capabilities, funds to buy used forklifts and everything in between must be accounted for. Try and find the perfect balance between man and machine to meet the requirements of your storehouse, in order to minimize the wastage of resources.

Workforce Safety

The safety and well-being of your employees should obviously be a top priority. However, a disturbingly high number of physical injuries are sustained by thousands of warehouse workers every year and even deaths have been recorded in some unfortunate situations. Therefore, as a manager, you must go above and beyond when ensuring workplace safety, so that your troops can do their jobs with peace of mind, feeling good about where they work. Start by familiarizing yourself with all the laws and regulations that state the mandatory safety requirements in your state/city and implement those. It is important to actively involve the workforce in making such decisions as they have a direct impact on them.

Improve Technology and Infrastructure

This will surely use up a considerable amount of your company’s funds and will take some time to construct/implement, but once completed and made use of properly, these elements will drive the efficiency of your storehouse like never before. Bar code technology is being widely adopted by most of the leading warehouses of the world and their results have been impressive. Keeping track of thousands of units of inventory can be a very difficult task, especially if you still follow a traditional bookkeeping approach. Therefore, consider switching to a bar code system for better efficiency in inventory management.

If your dead is at an all-time high and the current warehouse square footage is not sufficient to accommodate all the inventory that is flowing in, maybe it’s time for a much-needed expansion to the establishment. The shelves of the storehouse must be modified to make the best use of the available space if a structural expansion is beyond your financial capabilities. Vertical stacking, where you will maximize the vertical space availability is a great way to store more, without spending as much.

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