Safety Measures That Should Be Taken At Construction Sites

Safety is very important when working at a construction site, it is very important to set certain safety parameters to ensure the safety of the working crew and just about generally anyone near the site or anyone around the area. These rules must be followed thoroughly and under no circumstance must they be broken or simply neglected. It is the duty of the employer to ensure the safety of his working for his crew, he must, therefore, ensure that the crew or anyone employed newly is well aware of these rules and regulations. These rules and regulations cannot be simply set at the leisure of the employer. They are made to comply with certain set standards to be followed with regard to safety in the workplace. It is also important to let the working crew know of the consequences in disobeying these rules or not complying with them, after all, the employer must not be held responsible for the lack of the employee’s capability to follow the set regulations. Below are a few ways health and safety are ensured on a work site:

1. Precautions When Heavy Loads Are Being Lifted

As with almost all construction sites, when there is any heavy lifting being done it is very important to have pre-made crane lift planning done. This is a set of control measures that are taken to negate and prevent any incidents of loads falling over. The crew is also given ample warning and guidance on what they could do in the event of such an incident. The cranes being used must only be operated by qualified personnel and anyone without the appropriate qualification should not be allowed to handle these. It is the duty of the employer to check the validity of the person’s qualification and to have a possible test run prior to handing over the task to the employee to ensure that they are in fact as competent with handling a crane as they say they are.

2. Safety Gear

It is customary for the employer to provide the employees with all essential safety gear when working in a construction site. These include safety helmets, safety goggles, and safety boots and safety vests. These are only the most basic safety gear provided by the employer but are also the most crucial. These items prevent any damage to the employee’s body and ensure safety. The safety vests allow the workers to be identified easily in a working site. These are usually in bright contrasting colors such as neon orange or neon yellow, they are also color-coded to allow the other people to know who is doing what task.

3. Emergency Procedures

It is quite evident that there will be many emergencies at a construction site, most of which are hard to avoid. For example workers being electrocuted even though they follow all health and safety regulations. These types of incidents are avoidable yet happen quite frequently. It is the duty of the employer to have the necessary precautions ready for when some emergency happens at the worksite. These measures taken to assist the wounded worker should be prompt and effective.

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