Macssgroup Pty Ltd (M.A.C.S.S.) is committed to safety in all aspects of its business dealings and will so far as is reasonably practicable ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of it's workers.

M.A.C.S.S. aims to foster a culture that sees safety as a core value to doing business, where safe behavior is encouraged and respected.

It is the goal of M.A.C.S.S. to:

  • To eliminate work related injury and conduct our work free of incidents and injuries;
  • To provide an environment that does not compromise safety of any individual;
  • To ensure that occupational health and safety is proactively managed.

M.A.C.S.S. Management is committed to:

  • Ensuring safety management systems are in place;
  • Compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes;
  • Risks are identified, assessed, controlled and monitored;
  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment for all workers;
  • Consult with workers on issues that will impact on their health;
  • Investigate and report on all incidents.

M.A.C.S.S. Workers are committed to:

  • Working safely at all times;
  • Participating in OHS training, consultation and initiatives to improve safety;
  • Reporting all hazards and incidents including near misses.

M.A.C.S.S. will actively monitor and review our organisation's performance to ensure that we succeed in meeting our health and safety objectives.

No Incidents No Excuses