The Buyer’s Guide to Modular Constructions

First of all you need to understand what a modular construction is. This refers to the prefabricated mobile construction that can be made up of different sections. These sections are also referred to as modules and they are often built off the premises that they will be ultimately relocated into. They are often compiled in a warehouse that is factor controlled in terms of its environment. Once completed, each module will be transported or shipped to the site of its location and then will be assembled.

Why Would You Need One of These?

These mobile constructions can be the best solution whenever a temporary or sometimes even a permanent space is needed. They accommodate some key benefits like the speed with which it can be assembled, that it is environmentally friendly, maintains the same quality or higher as compared to the conventional constructions, is flexible, and enables you to save money and in terms of better depreciation value.

The Speed with Which It Can Be Assembled

If you are on a project that needs a very fast turnaround, portable buildings can be built in pretty much half the time that traditional a construction will take. This is because while the foundation is being laid on your premises, the construction of the modules that make the modular building will be made at a factory at the same time. By the time the foundation is done, the modules will also be shipped or transported there and then all assembled in a matter of weeks and months, not years. This also ensures that external factors like the weather will not hinder the construction process, because it happens in factory settings. The time period that will be taken up greatly depends on the scope of the project with some that might take up to 12 weeks if the project is really a big one and complicated as well.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

These modular constructions are a lot more environmentally friendly than the traditional ones. The modules are built off-site which means that there is less on-site traffic that will otherwise disturb the proceedings of the premises. The factory controlled settings used in the premises where the modules are built means that there is less wastage and more material recycling through inventory control. It also eliminates the possibility of moisture in the new cons


Favourable Depreciation Values

These modular constructions also tend to have a more favourable depreciation value which can give you tax savings. While the conventional constructions costs get generally amortized over say, the time of about thirty five years, the value of these modular constructions can actually be on an accelerated depreciation plan of about seven to thirteen years. This basically means that you may be eligible for benefits and you should have your accountant review the status to clarify what benefits you can enjoy.

The High Quality for Value

Even though you will be spending much less as compared to traditional constructions you will still get the same or even better high quality through the use of high quality concrete, steel and wood or other raw materials. They are also designed to remain in one piece and maintain integrity through transportation so you can imagine how structurally sound they are.





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