The uses of Core Drill Bits

Whether it maybe in the field of construction or forhousehold uses, core drill bits are useful tools to have around. Ever wanted to cut through very hard materials like cement and ceramic with precision? Well if so, this is the tool for you. Professionals in the jewellery industry use the smaller versions of these tools to perfect their craftsmanship. Small bits for cutting diamonds can even be found at sizes as small as 0.75mm.

Diamond Drill bits

Diamond which is the hardest known element known to man is capable of cutting through any other material. These drill bits can get quite hot while doing their business so ensure you keep the hollow insides filled with water so as to cool off the drill bit. Water would also help in removing any debris in the drill and keep it relatively clean after you complete your task with it. These extremely tough drills come in a range of sizes like 3.5mm to about 60 plus mm. The water keeps on swirling and maintaining the temperature while it’s doing its business and this is seen as a major benefit in these types of drills as it helps in extending the longevity of the drill. Small diamond drill bits are known to be more durable due to their comparatively small surface area, however this means it cuts its holes a bit slower. After all, they say slow and steady wins the race!


Debris stuck in the drill bits can really cause them to be less efficient. The process itself might take longer. Oil is also used as an alternative for water to assist in lubrication however oil is quite an expensive substitute so even after all these years, water is the best at this. Further to this, debris can also be removed by the use of a wire brush, though this can be quite the hassle to do on multiple occasions. So, Core drill bits concrete have mixed reviews. Some induce more debris and some induce less.

How Long Do Drill Bits Last?

This depends on the usage, the pressure and even the structural composition of the material is specified. Your machinery cannot be brittle or fold to any extra pressure.

What Speed Should They Be Used At?

Slower speeds are recommended as this will ensure the durability of your machine. Most drills are not used in full power due to fear of a lack of precision. Using these drills at reasonably slow speeds allows you to make less mistakes in your work while safeguarding your jewellery at the same time. Your core drill should be the size that is required to successfully complete your task. An excessively large drill can cause damage to walls, sheets of concrete and metal alike if you are not careful. Drill bits should never be too warm as this wears them down and overheats your equipment, maintain a speed which would not lead to any overheating. The higher the speed, the more risk of overheating especially if it is against a very tough metal like sapphire. Keep it slow and keep it safe!

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