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Tips for Renting Lifting Equipment in Australia

Renting various heavy lifting equipments is much more affordable than outright buying the items for most small businesses in Australia. However, even the rentals have to be handled properly. Here are several tips to keep in mind when you hire industrial lifting equipment in Australia:

Make Sure to Choose the Right Machine

There are dozens of different types of lifting equipment suited for industrial and construction work. The machine you need will depend on the task that needs completing. For example, if the job requires a highly functional, upward moving lifter, then look for electric scissor lift hire in your local area. For moving boxes at a retail outlet, a forklift would be the best choice. It’s very important to determine that you know the right type of machine for the job. When you do know this, you can look for rental options.

Understand Regulations Pertaining to the Machine

The Australian national and state governments regulate the use of lifting machinery in industrial settings. The regulations also vary depending on the type of machine you use. Before renting, it’s important to understand what regulations the operators would need to adhere to. The job site will have to be made compliant to operate the machine. You can look up these regulations easily online on your state government’s website. For comprehensive information, refer to a lawyer in the construction sector.

Research Local Suppliers

Most localities have several machinery renting services customers can choose from. Do a basic Google search before you call up the businesses. You can check out company websites for important information such as machines available, fees, rental periods, and testimonies from previous customers. If the rental business lacks a website, it may not be a reputable place. Information online may be out-dated, so always call to double check if you see a suitable find.

Ask Questions about Fees and Rental Periods

When you do contact the machinery rental services that look suitable, don’t hesitate to ask probing questions about the terms of the hire. Get specifics on the fees the company charges. There could be hidden fees that may inflate the overall cost. It’s important to understand the rental terms and conditions pertaining to the time period as well. Also ask the process to mitigate any accidental damage the machine might incur when in operation.

Read the Fine Print of the Contract

As a rule of thumb, don’t rent any machinery without reading what’s actually in the contract. Phone conversations may not cover everything. If the wording in the contract is too “legalese,” ask a lawyer to explain the terms to you. This is very important to avoid disputes and excess fees for long term rentals.

Compare Prices

Customers compare prices for most services they acquire. Machinery rentals are no different. Make sure you contact several services and compare prices before settling down on one. Don’t forget to consider the total, overall price for the hire, instead of just the machine rental part.

Use the above tips wisely to hire the lifting machinery your job site or company requires. Doing your research properly would ensure a positive and productive transaction.

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