Why select an apartment for your stay inSingapore?

Singapore is a country with limited space, which means that all buildings need to be built in a way that it doesn’t take too much space. Apartments literally fill the city and offer pools, security, gyms and even tennis courts which is what many Singaporeans prefer to reside at. There are houses available as well with gardens and pools as well.


There are short term serviced apartment rental Singapore based which are available for either leisure or business. It is ideal if you are travelling with your family or friends, this will be ideal.


This guide will illustrate the advantages when renting out accommodation for your holiday or business trip.


You are free to have your own space and you can always cook, work, relax or even sleep. You will get at least a minimum of thirty percent more space than a hotel because Singapore hotel rooms are very small. A bedroom of this serviced accommodation is almost twice the size of an average room in a hotel.


Value for money

These types of accommodations are cheaper by almost twenty percent than hotels at the same standard. You will not have to worry about any hidden charges such as mini bar or even room service. Corporate travellers get a better deal than staying at a hotel but still with the same comfort.


The location

These accommodations are located in ideal locations where you will have access to restaurants, cafes and the MRT. They are close to many tourist sites, which might save the cost of travelling a lot on taxis.



You are free to walk in and walk out of the building whenever you like. Even if you want to whip up something to eat in the middle of the night, you can always cook something for yourself. There are comfortable sitting rooms that will help you even arrange a business meeting when needed.


Washing and cooking facilities

Having your own space for washing your clothes is an advantage so that you do not have to depend on anyone to sort out your laundry. If you have special dietary requirements, you can cook something up for yourself with food items that suit you.

Additional services and facilities

Just like any hotel, there are gyms, concierge services, pools, bars and restaurants, which are offered in this type of accommodation.


Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is necessity to all travellers and this is provided free of charge.



Apartments that are serviced are not just a square room. If you want a good quality property this can be found. In the event that you want a very cheap property this is available too.


Don’t forget to ensure that the property you chose is safe for you and your companions travelling with you.


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