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Why Use Steel Rods in Concrete?

If you have ever seen a construction that is being carried out you would have seen those long and strong steel rods that stick out from the concrete right? Have you ever wondered what they do or how they come into play? After all, concrete is strong enough on its own right? In fact many homeowners would not really pay too much attention to this component even while the construction is going on. But what you don’t know is that these bars actually serve a very big purpose when it comes to the strength and structural stability of a home. Here is some interesting information that could come in handy for you on a day that you need to build your own house.

What is it?

These steel rods or bars are used as reinforcement for the concrete. They are incredibly strong and it would require rebar cutting machines to cut them off. This rod is made up of different types of alloys and grades of steel and they are also completed with ridges so that the concrete that is being poured onto the bars can adjust according to them easily. The stainless steel version of this will resist corrosion or rusting and if often seen being used in buildings and even driveways.

What Can It Do For Already Strong Concrete?

Concrete especially when it is poured is extremely strong, there is no doubting that. However, if some kind of big tension stresses is placed on that concrete it could fail to hold up. A good example of this would be is a concrete beam is held up on two ends with a support, the midsection of this will be prone to tension stresses and break. In order to prevent this from happening, the midsection of this concrete beam can be reinforced with these steel bars that will absorb the tension stress and therefore stop the beam from breaking and cracking.

It Can Reduce the Thickness of the Concrete

The usage of these rods can greatly help in reducing the thickness of the concrete that gets poured into the driveway or floor for example. The mixture of concrete is a very dense one that consists of ash and many other components to give it that rock hard integrity. But in some cases, you will need to pour more of this to reinforce the concrete. Instead of wasting all that material simple insert some of these steel rods in the concrete for your driveway and reduce the thickness of the concrete without compromising on the quality.

What Are The Advantages Of These Bars?

This does have many benefits of its own. It is easy to set into places and adjusting before the concrete has been laid. It will help you keep the cracking and breaking of the concrete at bay as well. Your building will last considerably longer which means that you will be saving money and building a strong home for you and your loved ones. All in all, you will have great structural stability and your home would also definitely meet all the safety standards that are required of it.

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